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The Most Loaded Linux Audio Desktop Competition

This is a little competition to see who can come up with the most heavily loaded and cough cough cluttered cough cough cough... ahem, well laid out desktop screenshot while running Linux Audio Applications.


  1. The most popular will be given top spot on the LAU Guide.
  2. All submissions will be presented as the next Quicktoot.
  3. There is no size restriction.
  4. Video/animation/flash and audio examples will also be accepted.
  5. Either post the url to Linux Audio Users mailing list. or send the entries directly to pshirkey at boosthardware dot com.

by Michael Watts

views 3349

1.6 Ghz, 512 Mb RAM Fedora 10 laptop with Xfce, running Qjackctl, Jack keyboard, Ingen, Zynjacku, Hydrogen, Rakarrack, Sineshaper, Amsynth, Meterbridge and Synth-of-noise

by Chris Cannam

views 2069

This is a classical notation biased shot. It's lazy and selfish, since most of it is stuff I happen to be working on anyway; I didn't install anything new or think very hard about what to include. And for all the complicated bits and bobs it doesn't actually show very many applications. Still, it's quite pretty. It's a single live screenshot, not a composite.

All the windows contain the same section of the same piece of music (bars 69 onwards of the second movement of Ravel's G major piano concerto).

Applications: Rosegarden (current unstable Qt4 build) main window, notation editor, matrix editor (with some sort of weird compositing refresh glitch in the middle that I've only just noticed); Evince showing Lilypond file of same session, exported; Sonic Visualiser showing part of Martha Argerich's noted recording of this piece; a fragment of a published score of the same music (in a web browser window); Pianoteq piano synth, demo version. A couple of bits of qjackctl are also just visible. Running under KDE4.2 with my own window manager (wmx).

by Tim Orford

views 1732

The emphasis is on Gtk apps, so some good Qt stuff has been left out.

Featured apps:

The image has had some postprocessing. It shows two desktops that have been overlapped. The real screen size was limited by the 2048 pixel texture size limit in the graphics hardware.

by Folderol

views 1727

Here is a shot of a setup that really was used for one recording about 18 months ago.

I had 2 instances of ZynAddSubFX, 3 of jamin, and two hardware synths all being choreographed by Rosegarden. For the actual recording I used timemachine but didn't have that running when I took the screenshot.

This was all under 64studio on a dual core athlon machine.

by Philipp √úberbacher

views 1605

This setup is on a couple of years old machine running ArchLinux and awesome as WM. To achieve this I run the apps across 5 workspaces at one time. It actually works and sounds quite nice, but is quite demanding. This shows very new as well as niche apps.