Protux0.14.x : A first approach using Protux

Written by Reinhard Amersberger


This document will give you a short overview of what Protux is able to do at the moment.


(Please keep in mind that there could be still lots of BUGS! So keep the reports coming!)

Start up:
When starting Protux the first time a window comes up telling you that Protux has created a directory called 'protuxprojects' under your home directory.

Create projectdir
(This a temporary solution. In a future version you will be able to create or assign your own directory.)

After confirming this message you will see a splash screen containing the beautiful Protux Logo. ;-)
Notice the message in the upper left area of Protux. This is what we call the LCD

Press H

Go on and press (just press not hold) the H key and you will perform your very first JMB-action.
The Protux Quick Help Window will open. It explains what a JMB-action is.

Please read it carefully before continuing this tutorial!

Now you know about some important information that will help you use Protux.

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