Cancel, Quit, Bugs


Are you wondering why there isn't a "Cancel" button?

This is NO BUG, it's intended. Use instead the <ESC> key and you can exit every window without applying the changes.


To close your Protux session (do you really want to do this? ;-) you simply have to press <ESC> twice (x2) and Protux will quit and save your project automatically to your ~/protuxprojects directory.


You already know that Protux is under heavy development so I want to inform you about some known BUGS :-(

  • Sometimes there isn't an MTA after launching Protux (No Track Panels and no Track Area).

  • We heard about crashes during recording when using SB Live soundcards.

  • Problems to perform JMB actions?


    Okay, Protux0.14.0 is able to perform a simple Multi Track Project. But actually Protux is in the "Filter Phase" so soon you will be able to add effects to your audio files! So enjoy, report bugs (please visit the BUGLIST file in CVS first), keep in touch, visit the Protux-Homepage, join the project and feel free to tell all your friends about PROTUX! :-)

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