(getting terminatorX/ adding tracks/ effects controls/ loading sounds/ mixing and scratching/ recording and config)

terminatorX TOOT

Effects Controls

Before we start the mixing and scratching proper, let's check out the effects controls. They are in a frame along the left hand side of the tX interface. For Turntable 1 I've selected the echo effect and for Turntable 2 I'm using the resonant filter. If you have LADSPA plugins on your system all the effects that are in your LADSPA path will show up in the "FX" drop-down menu. tX is totally extensible and any LADSPA compatible plugin can be used in tX along with as many simultaneous effects as your system can handle, so not only can you scratch and mix, but you can also add radical effects to manipulate your samples or entire tracks in realtime.

If you look at the top of the turntables display there's a button next to the one labeled "NONE" called "Mouse Mapping". You can use this menu to assign the mouse controls to effects parameters. So although you can use the mouse for just scratching you can also use it to control the parameters of LADSPA effects as well, making tX a creative platform for hosting your own unique LADSPA effects.

Before we load sounds and play, check to see how you'd like to set your mouse mappings. For this tutorial you can just leave them at their default settings.

The effects also work on any type of sound that tX imports, from Sun AU files to the open source OGG format. tX uses external libraries to load in MP3s and OGGs, so it's a bit slower to load those files. Standard PCM files like WAVs and AIFF that aren't over 3 MB will load extremely rapidly. Knowing that, let's load some sounds into our turntables.