(getting terminatorX/ adding turntables/ effects controls/ loading sounds/ mixing and scratching/ recording and config)

terminatorX TOOT

Mixing and Scratching

After you hit the "Power" button the sound will start playing. Now we want to use our mouse to control the sound, so we're going to hit the button labeled "Mouse Grab" to start scratching. Once the mouse is grabbed we use the mouse motion and keyboard commands to scratch sounds.

To switch between turntables click the right mouse button. To start scratching click the left mouse button and move the mouse back and forth. You can combine this basic movement with a set of keys.

  • Do the same movement with the mouse click and hit the "f" key with your left hand, this will allow you to scrub through the track very quickly.

  • Click the "w" key: the turntable mutes and you are able to silently move to any point of the file for a needle-drop style recueing.

  • Hit the "m" key to mute the turntable.

  • Hitting the "f" key by itself creates a stuttering effect.

  • Hold down the space bar while you scratch to get an even more vinyl sound.

Where the real emulation of vinyl turntablism comes from is the combination of those expressions, scrubbing, scratching, stuttering, recueing. When you want to use the mouse for the GUI again hit the "Esc" key on your keyboard to regain mouse-GUI control. Now we can take a look at how to record our efforts.