(getting terminatorX/ adding turntables/ effects controls/ loading sounds/ mixing and scratching/ recording and config)

terminatorX TOOT

Loading Sounds

Hit the button on top of the first turntable labeled "NONE" to load in a new sound. When it loads you'll notice that the "NONE" label is replaced by the name of the sound you loaded. You'll get a standard GTK file dialog where you can grab a sample of your choice. For scratching I usually use a smaller sample because I can get more crazy with it and then load a complete MP3 or OGG file into the second turntable to give me a long track to scratch over. Hit the "NONE" button over the second turntable and load another audio file of your choice.

Now that we're ready to mix, hit the "Power" button to start the turntables playing. If you only want one turntable to play at first, you can control the level and panning of each turntable with the knobs on the panel right below the effects frame. If you use a stereo splitter you can use the pan effects to preview a turntable before you add it to the main mix. You can also fade the volume down in one turntable before you hit the "Power" button so you can add it into a mix later on, or using a stereo splitter, you could pan it into your headphones, while the turntable you want to start with is panned out onto the main channel. Now lets hit the "Power" button and take a look at the mixing and scratching controls.